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Here’s What It Looks Like Inside The [ Adult Swim ] Offices

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[adult swim] offices: Atlanta, Georgia, 2007

While we’re penciling and inking pages for Blood Money, we got a little bored and decided to google what it actually looks like inside the Adult Swim offices.  Yeah, we get random thoughts like that sometimes.

Anyway, we found this awesome album online that seems cool with letting us share their photos.  This is taken in 2007, so we’re sure they’ve changed their decor by now:

[adult swim] offices: Atlanta, Georgia, 2007

[adult swim] offices: Atlanta, Georgia, 2007

[adult swim] offices: Atlanta, Georgia, 2007

[adult swim] offices: Atlanta, Georgia, 2007

[adult swim] offices: Atlanta, Georgia, 2007

Judging by the photos, it looks really fucking boring in there.

We still love Adult Swim though.

Untitled Bottega Grand Opening Tomorrow

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americanpoliceSo, we’re going to the grand opening (or re-opening, rather) of Untitled Bottega tomorrow.  We have a nearly-sold-out mask-making class to give in the morning, and then in the afternoon we’ll be scooting on over to 314 Baltimore Street to hang out with our buddies at the gallery.  The re-opening is a part of the Detroit Design Festival, which still has plenty of stuff happening if you’re looking for something to do this weekend.

If you can make it, we advise you go!  And if you’re an artist in Detroit (or anywhere, really, we’ve never known Flaco to turn anyone down based on where they’re from) who wants to show their art there, just contact them.

Oh, yeah.. we’ll be bringing some printed preview issues of Blood Money with us to the re-opening party.  You know, just for anyone who wants to snag a copy.

Weird Movies: House (1977)

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If you haven’t seen it, now you can!  House, a weird Japanese horror film from the seventies, is available for streaming on Hulu.  Since it’s free to watch this, we don’t know how long it’ll be on the site.  Better enjoy it while you can!

House is about a group of young girls who embark on a road trip to visit a relative.  Weird stuff happens while they’re there.  Pretty sure you can predict how this one turns out, right?

As with most horror films, there’s nudity in this movie.  Fair warning.

Book Release Party!

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You’re invited, yo.


The next great Detroit publication is here, and you’re invited to celebrate with us!

Ashur Collective and Untitled Bottega present “Blood Money: The Road To Detroit” Release Party + Art Show, featuring prints based from the graphic novel, as well as beautiful comic-inspired paintings by Kelly Guillory.

Admission is free. Catering will be provided.


“This isn’t a tourism brochure. This is real.” –WAYN Radio

Juste and Jack are two cocaine dealers who don’t get along. One’s a strict A-type with a gambling problem, the other’s a recently-turned vampire who’s horribly irresponsible. But when they visit Detroit for an easy payoff, they’re forced to put aside their differences in order to recover a treasure of stolen cash. Along the way, they see the good and bad of Detroit as it’s changing.

“Blood Money” is the answer to the half-hearted Detroit documentary, while delivering a smart and entertaining storyline. Long live pulp fiction.