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JAIME ACOCELLA :    Writing Lead


Fine artist Kelly Guillory felt she wasn’t getting anywhere.  Her works were selling at a gallery in Detroit, but as she says, “The owner started telling me what to paint. I will always be grateful to her because she was incredibly encouraging to me and gave me the first chance I needed to appear on the scene. But once you call me a “nice young lady” as a reason for not painting nudes? I’m gone.”

She branched off on her own to experiment with more expressive styles of painting, while writing frivolous stories of magic, mafia matters, and vampirism with her best friend Jaime.  One day, they realized they had six books’ worth of manuscripts.  They knew they had to do something with it.

Jaime Acocella had always dreamt of becoming a writer, but like the de Goncourt brothers she idolized, she wanted someone to do it with.  Enter Kelly, whom she met though an online game–they started talking, and soon Jaime was writing stories of death and the occult with her.  No one expected them to take on such a subject, but once they did, the sales started coming in.

Their first book, “Blood Money: The Road To Detroit” was published in the form of a graphic novel in October 2013.  With 200 copies printed between New Jersey and Detroit, they were selling out of editions by the end of February.

Ashur Collective is a writing and illustration duo that sells graphic novels, books, and fine art.  Kelly writes and provides visuals, Jaime writes and is in charge of editing and overall themes.  Jaime brings the storyarcs, Kelly brings the jokes.  Kelly brings the art, Jaime brings the master plan.  Together, they run a collective that lives by the motto: All killer.  No filler.

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