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The Sound of Wonder!

The Sound of Wonder! published on

From Finders Keepers Records:

“Commonly, ignorantly but understandably lumped in with its wealthy not-too-distant cousin, Bollywood, Lollywood was inspired by, but often overshadowed by its posh and well-traveled relative. Following the simplistic Bombay + Hollywood = Bollywood name game (that would in later years spawn Nollywood in Nigeria), Lollywood’s Lahore based film industry was a profitable and vibrant one that found great success in the modest boundaries of its own country but was seldom savoured outside Pakistan.”

“However, the hugely important musical business spawned a bi-product that was viewed as a potential earner for international entertainment industry, EMI, which allowed talented musicians to create ambitious music with world class mediums at there disposal, which throughout the 60s and 70s ranged from fuzz-guitars, space-echo machines and American and European synthesizers, but, due to the composers indigenous roots, rarely a drum-kit…”

If you like eclectic music collections, you should definitely look into this album.

Finders Keepers Records has a few mp3’s up for sampling at their website. I think they are the official vendors of the album.


North End Studios

North End Studios published on


Back in 2010, North End Studios was located on West Grand Boulevard.  It overlooked the New Center area, and hosted various art shows and music performances.

The first time I saw the colorful mural on the side of the gallery, it stuck out like this beacon in a sea of grey.  If you’ve ever walked along West Grand, you’ll notice how odd it is–all this color, along a section of street that’s seen better times.

One day, I got the chance to explore the gallery with a friend.  We saw everything from old machinery, dilapidated stairs, to a beautiful view of the surrounding neighborhood.  Later that day, we climbed back down the stairs again to attend and art show on a lower floor.

North End Studios relocated to Lorraine Street in 2012, on the west side.  It still has a rooftop, and it still has the same great gatherings that made North End what it was.

This time, when you look out, you see more foliage.

I kind of miss the old place.

North End Studios Website


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