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For The Sake of Visibility: I Am Genderfluid

For The Sake of Visibility: I Am Genderfluid published on No Comments on For The Sake of Visibility: I Am Genderfluid

On the back-end of this website, there’s nothing new happening. We get a ton of spambot comments per usual, but now they’re getting a little fresh: “Can I take you to get a cup of coffee?”  “I’d like to get to know you a little better.” I never knew we’d be so exposed to such bold flirtations from non-sentient programming.

Here’s a new thing though, fresh on the horizons from my personal desk, but put here because I feel this intersects with Ashur’s business and writing. Throughout my career, I have worked on paintings that played with gender (“Spirit of Detroit”, which used a male model presenting as a female to replace a male model in order to embody a new, fresh feminine persona of the city), have masked as a man or someone of neutral gender (see my article with South End), and worked on a book starring a transgender woman (“Transhuman Resources”). I have been comfortable throughout all this because none of it ever bothered me, though I did sometimes wonder what, especially about the masking, it said about me. I like being neutral and sometimes male. It makes me feel more like myself.

I sat one day pondering this and then realized what I am, is genderfluid. I identify as a woman, except in some cases, I don’t. Nothing about me changes and there’s no new information aside from that except the name.

But what is in a name is visibility, and telling the world that yes, I’m here. I exist, and I’m not straight (I’m bisexual, actually), and I don’t follow gender norms either. I’m doing this for people I feel can’t speak up or want encouragement. They can at least count one more person in the creative field who is non-binary and belongs to the LGBT community.

This is all this post is. Visibility. For those that need it, I hope it helps. You can be and do anything you want to in life. To hell with anyone who says you can’t.



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