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Moving, Expanding, and Distribution Plans

Moving, Expanding, and Distribution Plans published on No Comments on Moving, Expanding, and Distribution Plans

Hey there! This is an update for everyone who isn’t aware of what’s happening on our end. What have we been up to since we started working on comics again?

1. We’ve moved. Kelly is getting married; her fiance lives in Virginia, so she relocated and they now reside in a quaint little house. It’s everything she’s ever asked for, aside from her wish of becoming a famous artist. She’s still working on that last bit.

2. We’re expanding. Per the move, Kelly is now working on obtaining more funds to get an in-house printer. We’re looking for the industrial type so we can drop-ship exact issue orders and save money in the long run. This is going to run us a few hundred bucks, perhaps even a thousand. In the end, we’ll have full control of what we publish, when, and how.

3. We’re planning distribution, our way. This comes after the printer business–physical distribution. We’re looking mostly to the east coast and will work our way back west.

Until then, we’re illustrating issue two of The Other World and will distribute digitally. You can buy our works here. Thanks!

PS- Kelly’s gotten a lot of feedback on that Youtube tutorial on comic-making she posted a bit ago, so she’s sort of promised to run a series. Maybe. If she can get a good camera.

See ya,
Jaime and Kelly

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