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Red Bull House of Art

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In K. Guillory’s artwork for Red Bull House of Art, you’re given a glimpse of how society views the modern female through the wide yet shallow lens of the world wide web. “It’s a reflection on women, the Internet and how relationships have changed,” says Guillory, a 32-year-old artist with roots in Houston and Detroit. “I’m hoping the audience thinks about how women interact with the Internet and it’s ability to promote feminism and a positive self-image of black women to empower themselves.” Guillory is a writer, graphic artist and founder of the Ashur Collective, an all-female comic company based in the Grand River Creative Corridor.

Thank you to everyone who came to my opening at Red Bull House of Art last week! According to the curator, Matt Eaton, the gallery saw 2,000 people pass through its halls that evening alone. That’s two thousand people who saw my art. After the big party, I went home and saw Instagram light up with people posing with my collection, standing by their favorite painting. It made me feel great to see that big of a response to my work.

Credit: Jeremy Deputat/Red Bull Content Pool

The other artists featured were Brent Forrest, Niki Urban, Parisa Ghaderi, SHEEFY, James ‘Jimbo’ Braddock, and Elmer. They all turned out beautiful work and were a breeze to paint with. Red Bull has churned out a lot of wonderful alumni, but I have to say that our group was wonderful, supportive, and well-mannered. I’m going to miss hanging out with them!

Throughout the night, I overheard people creating explanations for the paintings. Instead of posting the explanations here, I’d like to invite anyone who has a question to email me (ashurcollective -at- gmail) or leave a comment for clarification on any of the work. I think it’s better to have a dialogue about it rather than writing a guide. Plus, I like talking to people and getting feedback! It’s just more personal that way.

If you haven’t viewed my collection yet in person and you live in the Detroit area, I recommend you go. Seeing these paintings online through social media is one thing, but it’s a different experience in person.

Red Bull House of Art is located at 1551 Winder Street in Detroit, Michigan. The gallery is open on Saturdays from 10-3pm.

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