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This Is An Official Update

This Is An Official Update published on No Comments on This Is An Official Update

Hi! This is an official update from us on how things are going.

We got this tweet, which made me extremely flattered anyone cared to know what the collective has been up to:

And I was like, wow. I didn’t realize we seemed so inactive!

Here’s the thing about me: I do my thing, and then I space out and don’t realize how quiet I get. I tend to also default to an extreme sort of modesty, in that I don’t like to talk about myself as much. I’m pretty sure that comes off as me just not doing anything. I apologize for that.

The truth is, we’ve been making money quietly. Ever since Red Bull happened, I’ve been getting back to 3d modeling and texturing, freelance writing, and selling paintings. We’ve had some more work from the Red Bull show sell to various collectors, with some being shipped off as far as Portland, Oregon. I’m preparing to work on a second collection of art that will premiere this fall at Baltimore Gallery in Detroit.

Some paintings were also shown off at the Jivehouse Fundraiser (which I forgot to blog, apologies) at the 4731 Gallery in Detroit.

In between this, I work on my political fellowship with the Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan, and am working on developing a weekly radio show with 96.7 WNUC-LPFM Detroit.

We also got an offer to turn Blood Money into a movie again, but we’ll see how that goes. I tend not to say much on that sort of front until I see some money change hands. Til then, it’s all speculation.

I apologize for the lack of updates! I hope this suffices for now. Please feel free to always tweet us at my personal twitter handle (@kgpaints), Jaime’s (@jaimeacocella), or the collective’s (@ashurcollective).


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